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How does it work?

We create virtual replicas of your physical asset in 3 simple steps:

1. Scan your asset - This is the only physical activity we need to do. Starting at 4 hours per 5,000 per sq ft of open plan space.

2. Model your asset -It takes one week to build, test and provide your digital twin

3. Launch your asset - From here you can 

Design:   3D architectural/occupancy designs at speed
Cost:      Provide fit-out costs linked to the designs
Lease:   Digital and physical viewings, reduce vacancy periods

ReKreate for Agents

Become the agent with the magic touch.

Don't waste your time loitering around in lobbies for viewings, or entertaining tyre-kickers. Instead, walk future tenants through beautiful versions of the office of their dreams in elegant 3D! Then seal the deal by working with us and them to see their design modifications come to life right there on their screen in real time. You’ll be the star in your clients’ eyes!

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Reach max office velocity.

What if you could cut your voids down to weeks instead of months? What if you didn’t have to rely on unproductive visits? What if you didn't have to invest in speculative refits? Picture a new reality where prospective tenants could see your space's potential beyond its current state, and where tenants would come to you, happy with their designs, ready to sign. That reality is waiting for you today.

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ReKreate for Landlords

Get ready to accelerate your leasing.

You won’t make a dent in your voids by hosting one slow visit at a time. Your balance sheet won’t get healthy by spending Capex speculatively. And you certainly won’t be under less pressure to reduce your carbon footprint.

Now, imagine a world where voids are weeks not months. And that you don’t need to invest in refits speculatively. In this world, tenants will picture themselves in their future home – your balance sheet will thank you. The time to start is now.

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